Our Mission & Vission

Education creates knowledge, understanding and the capacity to transform life and society. The primary mission of Maharaja College of Education is to promote and support the strategic development of teacher education, by preparing quality educators, supporting them in their lifelong learning, and leading in education innovation and reform. We prepare our students to become competent professionals who can integrate theory and practice, and who are intellectually active, socially caring, and globally aware.


Develop a teacher education institution capable of maintaining global standards.Develop a group of new generation teachers with right attitudes, ideals and values and are competent to practice education within the framework of Indian culture.

Develop a new cadre of teaching professionals who can recreate the vision of Indian education and can contribute to social order based on equity and ahinsa.

Inculcate in the would-be teachers values of humanism, spiritualism and cultural pluralism through their teaching and social behaviour.

Develop a new educational culture capable of producing a new generation of Indian citizens who believe in and practice the great ideals which Indians have upheld over the ages.

Develop the students with technological and interpersonal skills.

Promote a strong cadre of educational researchers who can produce new knowledge in education which will answer to the needs of the global society.

Promote educational extension at different levels.




Excellence: Expecting the highest level of achievement by students, faculty, and graduates

Leadership: Developing consensus, generating knowledge and ideas to solve pressing educational and social problems

Diversity: Embracing individual differences in every aspect of the educational process

Discovery: Expanding knowledge and human understanding

Innovation: Creating and testing new approaches and models for solving educational and social problems

Collaboration: Building relationships, nurturing partnerships, and enhancing opportunities

Service: Caring for others; addressing the needs and problems of society

Accountability: Accepting responsibility and evaluating effectiveness

Nurturing environmental sensitivity




Practise world class teacher education and use this as a method of teacher empowerment.

Practise a skill-oriented and technology-centred teacher education to develop a team of teachers who can practice the profession successfully in any part of the world.

Develop a new cadre of teacher educators who have imbibed the right values, attitude towards education and environment.

A sense of discipline and moral values among teachers by developing competence to evolve solutions for some of the burning problems faced by the present day society.

Develop and practice a teacher education programme to empower the disadvantaged and the marginalized sections of society.

Develop new approaches, strategies and methodologies in teacher education needed for meeting the new challenges faced by the global society.

Evolve new methodologies for teacher education which will help teachers to develop organizational skills through teamwork, collaboration and co-operation.

Develop a humanistic model of teacher education which will help to reform the minds of the teachers through new practices.

Help nearby schools and lower level teacher education institutions to get acquainted with new knowledge relating to teacher education and use of research practices for solving problems faced by such institutions.

Develop communication skills, computer skills and life skills among student teachers.




Students achievement is more heavily influenced by teacher quality than by any other factors;

Appreciate and value language, socio-economic, race, gender, specialized needs (i.e. physical, cognitive, social/personal), deaf and hard of hearing, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and differences and other factors influencing our lives;

Recognize how these factors might impact the way we teach, administer programmes, counsel students within our schools, communities and agencies;

All people are entitled to a high-quality education, grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity, professional integrity, and a positive and nurturing environment. So, every child needs a quality teacher.

We believe that the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge in all disciplines must be situated in a context of social justice that acknowledges and embraces cultural and linguistic diversity.